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merry cache miss technologies, Inc (the "Company") only shares user data with 3rd parties to the extent that it directly contributes to providing, improving, and securing the Company's apps/products/software/services ("Product" and "Products"). "Version" refers to the unique software release levels of the Product distributed. From here on, "We," "Us," and "Our" refers to the Company. "You" and "Your" refers to any individual who uses Our Products. We may also share user data with a 3rd party if We are obligated to meet any applicable law, regulation, legal process or enforceable governmental request. We collect both non-personal and personal data (in some jurisdictions, even anonymous IDs are considered to be personal data). We do not sell Your data. This Privacy Policy doesn’t apply to the Company's Products that have separate privacy policies that do not incorporate this specific Privacy Policy.


Automatically Collected Information

We shall automatically collect data from You when You use Our Products, and cache this data locally on Your device. We shall also provide this data to trusted 3rd party data processors (such as Google LLC ("Google"), and Firebase, Inc. ("Firebase"), and potentially the subsidiaries and/or sub-processors of any data processors) on servers around the world, and the data processors shall also provide data they've collected to Us. The mention of data processors (either explicitly named or by blanket term) in this Privacy Policy shall potentially have the same principles applied to their subsidiaries and/or sub-processors. Be aware that some of this data may have already been collected and stored by Our data processors before Your use of the Product, or in an ongoing manner, and then provided to Us after You have obtained the Product —— this is because it's possible that some of Our data processors have created software/firmware that Your device has accessed in the past, and You have potentially entered other data collection agreements with them that allows them to share data with Us.

Version 2.x.x of the product has less data collection than Version 1.x.x, but We may still have the extra data from when You have used Version 1.x.x of the Product.

Data collected can include:

—Device information:

Hardware specifications, device brand and model, device type (e.g., phone or tablet), hardware capabilities, operating system version, mobile operator/carrier, language settings, Product version, Product install/uninstall status.

—Crash logs:

Crash logs can include a log of the sequence of events from Your usage of the Product or Your device that led to a crash, along with the "Device information" mentioned above. A crash log shall include other information on events that occurred in Your device's operating system before the crash. Below is some more detail on what is included in a crash log, please contact Firebase if You need further assistance with understanding this part:

——Unique identifier (see Unique product identifiers) to deduplicate and link all of Your logged crash data together.

——The timestamp of when You launched the Product and when the crash occurred.

——Product version number.

——Operating system name and version.

——A indicator on whether the device was rooted.

——If an exception was thrown, the plain—text class name and message value of the exception.

——If a fatal signal was raised, its name and integer code.

——A indicator on whether or not the Product was in the background at the time it crashed.

——If available in the runtime, the plain-text method or function name containing each instruction pointer.

——A value indicating the rotation of the screen at the time of crash.

——The uint64 instruction pointer of every frame of every currently running thread.

——The uint64 value of each register on the CPU.

——A indicator on whether the device's proximity sensor was triggered.

——The device's model name, CPU architecture, battery level, battery velocity, physical orientation (integer), current amount of RAM used and total capacity, and current amount of disk space used and total capacity.

——Crash reporting uses a variety of identifiers to function, which may include the Android ID and the Android Advertising ID.

——A list of names of the processes also running on the device at the time of crash.

—Location information:

When You use the Products, We shall collect and process anonymous information about Your general location (usually only at the country code level, but more in certain cases). Your device may automatically provide Google and/or Firebase with Your location regardless of any Location permissions You have granted or denied for the Product.

—Unique product identifiers:

When You install one of Our Products, at least one unique product identifier is generated. If You re—install Our Products, new identifiers are usually generated that can't be used to directly link Your past interactions with any new interactions. Our data processors may generate and cache product identifiers for their internal use, separate from any identifiers potentially used by Us. Product identifiers are shared with Our data processors when the Product needs to access the Internet for providing parts of the Product's functionality (such as verifying a purchase or for reporting crash logs).

—Purchase data:

If You have purchased the Product, have made purchases from within the Product, or have made a financial contribution (still considered a "purchase") through another method outside of Google Play -- We shall collect and store items such as (but not limited to): unique order identifier codes, order date, currency, amount paid, order country (sometimes Our data processors also supply Us with city and postal code/zip code level of information, country depending), order status, order verification failure counts (in Version 1.x.x of the Product), information about the Product's database integrity (in Version 1.x.x of the Product), and Your IP address.

--In Version 1.x.x of the Product: Your IP address is used during the order verification process to help prevent abuse against Our servers, and it is discarded automatically when it is no longer needed. We don't see Your IP, only Our data processors do. Order verification occurs periodically after making a purchase. The data transmitted during the order verification process can include some or all of the purchase data described in this "Purchase data" section, along with product identifiers, and the process shall be logged. Some of this information is cached on Your device, and also stored on one or more of Our data processor's servers. In certain sections of the Product, an Internet connectivity check is performed at and (at the time of publishing this Privacy Policy, these IP addresses belong to servers operated by Cloudflare and Google, respectively) before a purchase can begin.

--In Version 2.x.x of the Product: We no longer offer purchases from within the Product, but if You make a financial contribution through any other means outside of the Product, the example items above (and potentially more) shall still be collected by Our data processors through these other means, and thus made available to Us. You can review the privacy policies of any data processor we use, before making a financial contribution to see what data they collect.


How We use the information We've collected from You, Data Retention, and Communication

We use the information We collect from all of Our Products to provide, improve, secure, and personalize them, to develop Our next Products, and to protect the Company and Our users.

Here are some specific examples of how We could potentially use Your data to improve Our Products:

—Discovering bugs, security holes, and Product event—flow oddities, including rare device—specific bugs that didn't appear during the Product's development.

—Knowing what regions around the world use the Our Products, which can tell Us which languages We might want to prioritize providing translations for.

If You have made any purchases, Your order information and data about the transaction is stored indefinitely, and secured by Our data processors. In Version 1.x.x of the Product, this allows Us to restore Your purchases when You re-install the Product.

The Company processes and stores all of Your information on servers in many countries around the world, therefore We shall process Your information on a server located outside the country where You live.

Most of Your data potentially stored by Firebase is retained for up to 14 months.

Your IP address, used temporarily while providing functionality of the Product (such as purchase verification), is usually discarded automatically after a very short time in the case of Version 1.x.x of the Product. Be aware that this may be different in the case of making a financial contribution through another data processor outside of the Product.

If We have received any Firebase Crashlytics crash reports from Your device via Version 1.x.x of the Product, Your identifier and associated crash reports are only stored temporarily. This information is automatically discarded by Firebase after 90 days of receipt.

Be aware that when using Our Product, Our data processors may collect and store additional information that is not made available to Us, and they may have longer data retention policies. They may also increase the types of data made available to Us over time, which is beyond Our control. This is a reminder to review their privacy policies on a regular basis.

When You contact the Company for Product support, Product feedback, or otherwise, We keep a record of Your communication and anything You have shared with Us in order to assist You. Communications can be performed by a standard Gmail account, a Protonmail account, and/or any other platforms You choose to reach Us at. Content sent to Our email address "mail@merrycachemiss.com" is received by Our Protonmail account as of 2022/06/18, though We may have communication records from You in Our Gmail account if We've reached each other before this date. We usually have email notifications turned on for services (such as social media) We use, therefore the contents of Your original non-email communication may still reach Our standard Gmail or Protonmail inbox. We use VoIP.ms (owned by 9171-5573 Québec Inc, at the time of publishing this Privacy Policy) for Our inbound phone number and voicemail service. If You decide to leave a voicemail, the audio content of the recorded message will be automatically emailed to Us in an attachment. Your full phone number, the call date, audio content of the call, and the call duration will be recorded by VoIP.ms and viewable by Our employees. Please review the privacy policy of VoIP.ms for more information: https://www.voip.ms/privacy-policy

The best way to reach Us is by email, but certain countries require Us to have a phone number available to Our customers. By contacting Us in any form, You consent to receiving future communications from Us. To maximize Your privacy, please only communicate issues or feedback directly related to the Product.


Opting out of data collection

Version 1.x.x of the Product: You may disable the Firebase Crashlytics crash reporting features of the Product in the End User License Agreement/Privacy Policy section of the Products, which is shown as soon as You use the Product for the first time. The potential Firebase Crashlytics crash report data collection won't start if You have hit "DECLINE" in the End User License Agreement/Privacy Policy section, but shall start if this option is enabled and You have instead hit "ACCEPT". This option is also available on the Product's About page if You have hit "ACCEPT" in the End User License Agreement/Privacy Policy section.

Version 2.x.x+ of the Product: Firebase Crashlytics crash reporting was removed, thus there is no need to opt out, it's already done for you. We may still have data from when You have used Version 1.x.x of the Product, if You have opted in to crash reporting and We have received a report.

Please note that on any Version of the Product, Google may still supply Us with some or all of the data mentioned in "Automatically Collected Information", regardless of You opting out of Our data collection features (such as Firebase Crashlytics). This is the case for all entities or individuals who publish items on the Google Play store. Some of this data collection by Google may potentially be controlled in Your Android device's settings and/or in Your Google account's settings, see https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/6078260 for more information on Android device settings and https://policies.google.com/privacy for Google account privacy settings. We cannot provide advice for controlling Your Google account and/or device privacy settings, so please contact Google if You need assistance.


Information We share

We do not share Your information with companies, organizations and individuals outside of the Company unless one of the following circumstances applies:

—For required external storage and processing by a trusted 3rd party, such as one of Our data processors, in order to provide the Product and the Product's functionality.

—You have provided consent for Us to do so.

—We are troubleshooting Product crashes, thus some crash logs (full or partial) may potentially be shared publicly if it is necessary to seek assistance from 3rd parties.

—For legal reasons

——We may be obligated to meet any applicable law, regulation, legal process or enforceable governmental request.

——Enforce applicable End User License Agreement(s), including the investigation of violations of Our End User License Agreement(s).

——When We believe in good faith that disclosure is necessary to protect Our rights, protect Your safety or the safety of others.

—The Company is involved in a merger, acquisition, or sale of all or a portion of its assets

—With Our partners and/or publishers

——Information on the general trends and usage of Our Products, which may also be shared publicly.

—We may also publicly share aggregate statistical data on Our users (e.g., The percentage of Our users in certain countries, the percentage of Our users using certain versions of Android, what areas of the world Our sales are most common).


Information security

—Security for remote transmission and storage of Your data is handled by Our data processors. Transmission of Your data is done over an encrypted connection when possible. See https://policies.google.com/privacy#infosecurity and https://firebase.google.com/support/privacy for further details on how storage of Your data is secured on Our data processor's end of things - and please be aware of further resources they may provide to You regarding sub-processors. We are not responsible for changes to Our data processor's or sub-processor's privacy policies, or data breaches due to their errors. Please be aware that no method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage is 100 percent secure and reliable, and We cannot guarantee its absolute security.

—Access to Your information is restricted to Our employees, except for when the circumstances described in the "Information We share" section of this Privacy Policy apply. We implement reasonable precautions and follow industry best practices in order to protect Your information and ensure that such information is not accessed, disclosed, altered or destroyed by unauthorized entities or individuals. However, these measures do not guarantee that Your information will not be accessed, disclosed, altered or destroyed by breach of such precautions. By using the Products, You acknowledge that You understand and agree to assume these risks.


Further information:

Our data processors may collect and store additional data that is not described elsewhere in this Privacy Policy. For more information, please see the following links and look out for any other links provided in this Privacy Policy.









Our Privacy Policy may change from time to time. The newest version (which generally supersedes the version within the Product) is available at https://www.radiuslocker.co/rl_pp

Version: 20220821

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